GemPen® included in Spanish Gemological Institute curriculum

GemPen®, the new portable screening device for diamonds, has just been included in the curriculum of the Spanish Gemological Institute (IGE). The decision was made after it managed to 100% correctly identify a mix sample of 71 colorless HPHT-, CVD- and natural diamonds.

Tests were performed on 71 colorless diamonds from the IGE gemstone collection, where mounted diamonds and melee diamonds (smaller than 0.15ct) were included in the testing. The sample contained 25 natural, 25 synthetic HPHT and 21 synthetic CVD diamonds. GemPen® identified all stones correctly.

  • GemPen® will be an important complement to the other equipment in our synthetic diamond course, says Egor Gavrilenko, Director of the Laboratory of Gem Analysis and Certification at IGE

The new screening device utilizes UV-light technology with a unique combination of wavelengths and filtering. Once turned on and directed towards a diamond, the USOF (Ultra Spectrum Optical Filtering) technology enables display of unique fluorescence effects, providing results on treatments and synthetics that are not visible using standard UV-light products. An additional complimentary tool is the Gemstone Map, an image bank of reference diamonds tested by GemPen® that illustrate different fluorescence effects.

  • We are very happy that IGE has chosen to include GemPen® in their synthetic diamond course, and hope that even more gemologists become aware of our solution so that we can help contribute to a more transparent gemstone industry, says Peter Larsson, CEO of Gemometrics, the company behind GemPen®

Founder of Gemometrics and inventor of GemPen® is renowned Swedish gemologist Torbjörn Lindwall.

Peter Larsson, CEO Gemometrics
Phone: +4672 560 48 88

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