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Strong performance from GemPen® in test by DPA

Strong performance from the new GemPen® Diamond Screener in independent test program by the Diamond Producers Association 

Recently published results from rigorous testing show that GemPen®, a portable and lower-cost alternativeexhibited high accuracy on a mix of synthetic and natural diamonds.  

Tests were conducted as part of the ASSURE-program led by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), an alliance between ALROSA, De Beers, Rio Tinto, among othersIn the smalls sample testing, GemPen® could identify natural diamonds with 99.5 percent accuracy and synthetic diamonds with 95.3 percent accuracy 


  • The results show that an affordable and fully portable instrument can provide reliable test results; this is useful for jewellers, auction house gemmologists and diamond traders who need to make quick decisions on-the-go. DPA is the ultimate independent validator in the industry and we are proud to be an official ASSURE-partner, says Peter Larsson CEO of Gemometrics, the Swedish producer of GemPen® Diamond Screener. 


The ASSURE-directory provides the means for professionals in the diamond industry to objectively compare the performance between different diamond verification instruments. The ASSURE-tested mark* guarantees that performance scores are genuine and that the instruments have been independently tested in accordance with the Diamond Instrument Verification Standard at the third-party laboratory UL 


To see full test results please visit the Diamond Producers Association website  


To see ASSURE directory visit 


To see a GemPen® video tutorial visit 


*GemPen® Diamond Screener 2.0 ASSURE test-number is 14933 and date of test report is 31st of May 2019.  

Peter Larsson, CEO Gemometrics 
Phone: +46 72 560 48 88 


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