Traceability in the Sierra Leone Diamond Sector

On the 10th of October Gemometrics CEO Peter Larsson went on a short trip to the allustrious rough diamond Mekka Sierra Leone to meet with George Nelson Williams, Export Manager and Michael Drexler, Head of IT & Communications of Balmed as well as Alhaji Kaloga, Chairman of the National Diamond Dealers Association. Together the team conducted a first workshop on identification of natural and treated stones using the newly developed GemPen®. 

To distinguish between untreated, natural mined rough diamonds and treated naturals and synthetics, Balmed is using Gemometrics GemPen® to verify the authenticity of the rough diamond.  It can identify HPHT and other forms of treatment in natural and synthetic diamonds.  Using a cloud based traceability system allows Balmed to track a rough diamond directly from the miner to the client. The GemPen® testing results of the diamond are accessible in real-time through cloud, allowing a fast and secure identification of gemstones. This sourcing approach ensures transparency and traceability in the value chain, from the smallholder artisanal miner to the end customer.

– The collaboration with Balmed takes us one step closer to achieving our vision of a safe global trade of gemstones. I am proud that GemPen® with its validation technology can contribute to increased transparency in the diamond trade in Sierra Leone, says Gemometrics CEO Peter Larsson.

For more information or a GemPen® test session please contact Balmed in Sierra Leone @ or +232 76 449595


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