The World Gem Foundation announces collaboration with Gemometrics

World Gem Foundation to Provide Diamonds Course Free for All New GemPen® Buyers

Palma de Mallorca, Spain (September 23, 2020) – The World Gem Foundation announced today that they will provide their ‘Diamonds Course’ free for all new clients of Gemometrics AB, innovators of the gemmological screening tool GemPen®.

The World Gem Foundation has included GemPen® in its gemmological curriculum since 2019 after conducting extensive tests in collaboration with IGE (Instituto Gemológico Español) laboratory in Madrid. 

“There is a perfect synergy between the World Gem Foundation and Gemometrics. We believe in the same core values and our corporate philosophies mirror each other in all aspects” said Geoffrey Dominy, Founder / CEO of World Gem Foundation.

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The ‘Diamonds Course’ provides a comprehensive understanding of the chemical nature of diamonds, how they are formed, classified, mined and cut. It discusses their physical and optical properties, geology, localities, principle mines, causes of colour, absorption spectra, pleochroism, inclusions, fluorescence, gem identification, methods of synthesis and common treatments/enhancements. The course also gives an overview of the various cut grading systems used by GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, EGL & AGA. The course is available online and upon successful completion students receive course credits towards both the ‘Career Gemmologist’ and ‘Diamond Professional’ Diploma Programs and a letter of completion.

GemPen® is a powerful portable gemmological instrument for today’s jewellers and gemmologists, providing the ability to screen diamonds, rubies and sapphires for synthetics and treatments. GemPen® was invented by Swedish gemmologist and geologist Torbjörn Lindwall (FGA), to provide a portable solution to aid in transparency and valuing gems in the industry. GemPen® utilizes full spectrum Xenon ultraviolet (UV) light technology with a unique combination of wavelengths and filters which enables observation of results on treatments and lab-created diamonds – that are not visible using standard UV-light products. 

“We are very proud to announce this collaboration between The World Gem Foundation and Gemometrics. We have been working together with The World Gem Foundation since the inclusion of GemPen® in their curriculum in 2019 and we are thrilled to take this cooperation to the next level. We both share the belief that the gemstone industry must be more transparent and by providing Diamond courses to the users of GemPen®, the industry will make more well-informed business deals.” says Daniel Smirat, CEO of Gemometrics.

About World Gem Foundation
The World Gem Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in 2015 with the mandate to provide quality and affordable gemmological training to students, jewellers and professional gemmologists. Currently there are fourteen national and regional gem academies worldwide allowing students to study locally but to be recognized internationally. They offer three diploma programs (Career Gemmologist, Diamond Professional & Coloured Gemstone Professional) and an array of courses ranging from basic through advanced gemmology to gem identification, diamonds and coloured gemstones. The World Gem Foundation is the publisher of the magazine Gemmology Today, a quarterly source of gemmological knowledge and photography.

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For more information or to arrange an interview with World Gem Foundation, please contact:

Geoffrey Dominy
Mobile: +34.626.011.458

About Gemometrics
Gemometrics AB is based in Luleå, which is the Northern Swedish high-tech hub. They provide professional users the means to efficiently determine indications whether a diamond is natural, synthetic (man-made) or treated (visually improved to increase the value). The tool is portable, durable and reliable – and is used to validate gemstones. The company offers the best solution in giving diamonds their true value and in ensuring their trade throughout the supply-chain from mine to end-consumer.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Gemometrics, please contact:

Daniel Smirat
Mobile: +

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