Industry Interview with Johan Moberg – Head of Diamond Purchase

Johan Moberg - Head of Diamond Purchase at VANBRUUN

What does VANBRUUN do?

We are Scandinavia’s leading E-retailer for diamond rings and jewelry. Our broad assortment offers something for everyone. VANBRUUN lets customers choose a diamond from a register with over 100 000+ different diamonds. Every diamond is inspected by myself and our team of experts. We also offer loose diamonds and gemstones.

What does your job at VANBRUUN entail?

As the Head of Diamond Purchase, my primary responsibility is to buy all diamonds that pass through VANBRUUN and ensure they coordinate with our very high-quality standards.

What type of challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?

Diamonds are a small and very precious commodity, and therefore we have to be 100% confident in what we offer our clients. To me, this means supervising and controlling every step of the process and testing the diamonds for authenticity in multiple ways.

Have you found that synthetic diamonds have increased lately?

Definitely, and it keeps increasing. I believe lab grown diamonds are an excellent alternative to natural stones. They have the same properties and look identical to the natural option. The most noticeable difference is the value, the lower value of a lab grown diamond separates them from the natural stones. The lower value makes them more affordable for consumers, although it is good to consider that the second-hand value is much lower than a natural diamond.

In what way have you and your colleagues at VANBRUUN used GemPen?

We use it as part of a series of tests to control our melee stones. We also demonstrate that diamonds are natural or lab grown to clients. The GemPen is easy to use and presents understandable and quick information.

You have a number of other tools at hand. In which step of the process have you found GemPen to be useful?

GemPen is accurate and quick, making it the given tool for any selection of tests that we conduct. In addition, it is the only tool we use for all of our procedures.

How has the GemPen been received in general?

I rely on it every week, and my colleagues at our outbound operations department use it just as much as I do. VANBRUUN is delighted with the product and would recommend it.

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