Explore our GemPen® Diamond Screener & GemPen® Premium Packages.
GemPen® is a powerful portable gemmological instrument for today's jewellers & gemmologists.
Providing the ability to screen diamonds, rubies & sapphires for synthetics & treatments.
14-day Full Refund Satisfaction Guarantee

Screen diamonds with GemPen® Diamond Screener. GemPen® is a portable Diamond Verification Instrument that indicates natural, HPHT & CVD lab-created diamonds. Our instrument is ideal for jewellers and gemmologists and works on rough, polished and mounted stones, including those with closed backs.  Quickly screen multiple stones of all shapes and sizes from 0.01ct to 10.00ct+

GemPen® Premium has all the the features of our Diamond Screener and also includes the additional Filters for the professionally trained gemmologist to screen rubies and sapphires for synthetics and treatments.