Gem-A Instruments Announced as Official Distributer of GemPen® in the UK and Internationally

London, United Kingdom (November 10, 2020) – Gem-A Instruments have today been announced as entering into an official Distributor Agreement with Gemometrics AB, innovators of the gemmological screening tool GemPen®. 

The new screening device utilizes full spectrum Xenon ultraviolet (UV) light technology with a unique combination of wavelengths and filters. Once turned on and directed towards a diamond, the Ultra Spectrum Optical Filtering (USOF) technology displays unique fluorescence effects, providing results on treatments and lab-created diamonds that are not visible using standard UV-light products.  

GemPen® was invented by Swedish gemmologist, geologist, and Gem-A Accredited Teaching Centre tutor Torbjörn Lindwall FGA DGA, to provide a portable solution to aid in transparency and valuing gems in the industry. The Gemstone Map, which is accessible online through the GemPen® Academy is an image bank of reference diamonds, sapphires and rubies tested by GemPen® that illustrate different fluorescence effects under the various filters. 

“We are proud and delighted to be working with Gem-A Instruments, together we will provide industry professionals cutting edge gemmological technology that they require to stay competitive and help make the industry more transparent.” says Daniel Smirat, CEO of Gemometrics.

“Our relationship with Gemometrics has been an exciting journey so far! In my opinion the GemPen® is an entirely new instrument to what it started life as, with Gemometrics taking on new ideas and adaptations throughout the last few years to create a tool that really works for the trade and for gemmologists worldwide. It is a beautifully portable tool that can be used for coloured stones as well as being a valuable diamond screening instrument and I am sure that as we continue to test it, it will present many more applications in the future.” says Samantha Lloyd, Instrument Manager at Gem-A

About Gemometrics 

Gemometrics AB is based in Luleå, which is the Northern Swedish high-tech hub. GemPen® is a powerful, portable and reliable tool for today’s jewellers and gemmologists to screen diamonds, rubies and sapphires for naturals, synthetics (man-made) & treatments (visually improved to increase the value).  The company offers the best solution in giving diamonds their true value and in ensuring their transparent trade throughout the supply-chain from mine to end-consumer. 

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About Gem-A Instruments 

Gem-A Instruments is a subsidiary of Gem-A, the world’s longest-running provider of gemmology education. Gem-A Instruments have supported Gem-A students and members with essential gemmological equipment for over 50 years. Their ethos is to always remain at the forefront of scientific advancements and ahead of continuing developments within the industry. Partnering with a selection of highly skilled manufacturers and technicians to produce all instrumentation, whether it’s a loupe and tweezers or a modern synthetic diamond screener, there can be absolute certainty you are working with the best. Confidence comes from having the proper knowledge and tools — reassuring you in your identification, grading work and communicating your professional status to your clients

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