Winner of Red Dot Award

Gemometrics was recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award with their first product on the market, GemPen®: an innovative screening-tool that can distinguish natural from lab-manufactured diamonds. The tool was developed due to the increasing insecurity in diamond validation, as number of lab-manufactured diamonds are on the rise.

Red Dot Design Award has become established as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design, with contributions coming from all over the world. This march, the startup Gemometrics was awarded the prize for their product GemPen®.

– We are incredibly proud as such a small player to showcase a level of product design equal to Samsung, Apple and Sony, previous winners of the Red Dot Design Award. As well as an important quality mark for us, it shows our users that there is a great deal of thought behind the product, says David Doms, product designer of GemPen®

GemPen® along with complementary aids make it possible for the user to identify sophisticated synthetic diamonds on the go, saving valuable time in the valuation process. The key word here is “on the go” as it is unusual to get reliable results for certain types of synthetic diamonds without sending them to a gemological institute for validation, something that can take weeks.

Tools like GemPen® have become necessary in recent decades because of the large amounts of synthetically manufactured diamonds in circulation that create uncertainty in the valuation process, as synthetic diamonds can be chemically, physically and optically identical to naturally occurring ones.

– Most consumers are not aware that their jewelry can contain lab-made diamonds manufactured in two weeks, instead of natural diamonds that are formed in the earth for millions of years. The Red Dot jury recognizes the user experience and the clever design of our product, it is however an essential part of GemPens® functionality that it can identify certain types of synthetic diamonds on the spot, instead of awaiting results from a gemological institute, says Peter Larsson, CEO of Gemometrics.  

GemPen® is aimed primarily at gemstone experts, also called gemologists, to facilitate their work in valuing diamonds and other gemstones. GemPen® was designed by Studio Doms in close collaboration with Gemometrics. Studio Doms has previously won a number of major design awards over the years, including two prior Red Dot Awards.

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