Transparency Every Step of The Way

We are aware that new gemological tools within the gemstone industry are viewed upon with suspicion and that it is hard to break through the noise with the stream of new tools that are constantly developed.

That is why we have chosen to let gemologists try out GemPen® and post videos, pictures and results on diamond testing using our solution. This way, other gemologists can get an idea of how the product works in the context of different gemological professions. Simultaneously, the testers can give us feedback on the product so that we get a chance to develop and improve.

We use this approach, because:

  • We strive toward constant improvement.

GemPen® is a dynamic product that will evolve with new functionalities and filters along with feedback from our users, and when new types of synthetics and treatments are developed. 

  • We want our clients to be satisfied.

The word of GemPen® should be spread simply because it lives up to our users’ expectations.

So far, these are the people that generously have lent us their time and that have been trying out GemPen®:

Emelie Magnusson: Gemologist at one of Sweden’s leading auction firms.

Geoffrey Dominy: Author, independent gemologist and jewelry appraiser who appeared on the Canadian Antiques Roadshow for four seasons. Owner and editor of Gemmology Today, a gemological magazine that is published every four months.

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